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Jam Camp Basketball is a basketball summer "school". It is designed as a "technical course" that allows athletes to improve their skills and the basics of the game (Competitive Camp), while beginners have the opportunity to approach basketball for the first time (Beginner's Camp).

Un progetto sportivo-educativo a 360°

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Jam Camp Masterclass

Since 2015 we are also offering a Jam Camp Masterclass, namely a specialized and individual crash-course where athletes can enjoy extra workout sessions, as well as special activities tailored on individual roles. Jam Camp Masterclass also includes video analysis tools and in-depth sessions about strategy and the basics of the game, delivered in the classroom and targeted to specific age ranges. In a nutshell, the Masterclass can be seen as an intense full immersion into basketball.

Jam Camp

Jam Camp, one and only, combines an energic and accurate technical workout on the courts with a funny holiday in beautiful seaside locations, givins to all his members the possibility to live a unique aggregative experience, full of unforgettable emotions.

The essence of Jam Camp


Jam Camp is the only summer school that guarantees the presence of great champions and coaches in each edition, acting as examples and role models for the younger participants.


In these past 20 years, we have been proud to offer Jam Camp to over 10.000 young boys and girls from all over Europe, who trained with an international team of excellent champions and coaches: Dan Peterson, Don Showvalter, Tim Hammond, Alberto Blanco, Marcelo Nicola, Rolandas Radvila, Sandro Dell'Agnello, Giorgio Valli, Luca Bechi, Massimo Riga, Alberto Morea, Mauro Procaccini, Luca Banchi, Fabio Corbani, Massimo Olivieri, Claudio Coppeta. Francesco Cuzzolin, Alan Stein, Matteo Panichi have been in charge of the physical training side.

Here are some of the champions who have participated in our Camp over the years: Steve Kerr, Danilo Gallinari, Saurunas Marciulionis, Tay "Firefly" Fisher, Berni Rodriguez, Stefano Gentile, Achille Polonara, Gigi Datome, Gianmarco Pozzecco, Andrea Niccolai, Michele Antonutti, Marco Cusin, Larry Middleton, Dimitri Lauwers, Alfonso Sanchez, Nemanja Milosevic, Mason Rocca Marco Portannese, Milko Bjelica, Marco Giuri, Luca Infante, Roberto Casoli, Alessandro Cittadini, Andrea Pecile, Daniel Farabello, Mario Gigena, Guido Rosselli, Matteo Imbr?, Nicola Mei. Among the women champions are Kathrin Ress, Marzia Tagliamento, Valentina Siccardi, and Imma Gentile.